Shabbat in Gdansk and Sopot

The train from Krakow to Gdansk/Sopot was almost six hours, but the most comfortable ride ever.  The US Infrastructure bill barely passed, which would provide an opportunity to upgrade our rail system. With food, drinks, internet, and electric outlets, the…

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Shabbat in Kraków


Shabbat in Krakow 

Leaving the Kazimierz Dolny area on Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to get a ride to Warsaw and then a few days later to Krakow. The best part about it was that the person who drove, Adam…

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Third Shabbat In Poland

Where to begin? This past Shabbes was a fantastic experience in every way!! Lighting Shabbat candles in the synagogue in Chelm, where there has not been a service for 80 years, was a humbling experience. As I explained the meaning…

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Miecmierz, Poland 

I have been here in Miecmierz for three days, and each day I am working with Marcin Krol on recording new music. It is a blast--he is one of the most incredible violinists that I have ever heard…

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Warsaw Day 7

Another fantastic day in Poland. With limited mobility, I haven't been able to do everything that I wanted, but I still kept pretty darn busy. I met with my new friend Jose  Florenko for coffee, and then we went to…

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Blog: First Shabbes

My first Shabbes in Warsaw got off to a flying start. Literally! I walked down the hotel's stairs to the lobby, did not correctly negotiate the last step, and flew onto the floor. Thank God I avoided broken bones. But…

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Day 3

Okay, there were six Hassidim that were on the plane. I loved seeing them in their tallaisim and tefillin as we reached the time for Shema. It was a shock to the passengers, but I think that they were counting…

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On the Way to Poland


I am sitting in the air terminal waiting to go to Poland about LOT Airlines. I am looking around and seeing many Hassidic Jews and wondering why they are going to Poland—perhaps on a mission? I look closely at some…

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Havdalah: Separating Shabbat and the weekday


Havdallah means "separation." This ceremony marks the end of Shabbat (the holy) and the beginning of the weekday (the usual).

There are three symbols utilized in this ceremony:

  1. Candle with at least two wicks. Lighting candles can only be done…
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Shabbat Candle Lighting

Candles are lit on Shabbat for many reasons: 

To enjoy the oneg, the delight of Shabbat by literally seeing the festive meal and the symbols of the day. Light will also avoid a fall that would dampen the joy. 

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